Twiss photo

Carl Twisselman has been acting since his high school days (which is to say he’s been at it for awhile), performing in many school and community theater productions. He’s had formal training in oral interpretation and the dramatic arts. A veteran of radio and TV commercials, he enjoys putting his voice to work and is at home behind the mic.

In addition to voice acting, Carl is a digital illustrator who has been working in the graphics arts profession for almost twenty years, illustrating for newspapers, magazines, and books. As the newsroom graphic artist for The Salinas Californian, he produced infographics, editorial illustrations, and photo-illustrations to accompany articles and features. He has designed logos, brochures, and vehicle wraps. He blends his traditional pen and pencil sketches with Photoshop ‘paint’ fills.

The Twiss nickname has been tagged on three generations of Carl’s family. As his father before him did, he and other members of his immediate family answer to the moniker.